September 1, 2016 General Meeting

Poster for general meeting

Don't Be Scammed...

Lately, a number of individuals in our community are being taken in by false warnings about their computers being infected. Some of these people have had their computers either badly infected or rendered inoperable, in addition to being charged a considerable amount of money. Typically, either you receive a phone call or a popup message appears on your computer screen warning that your computer is infected or is sending out a barrage of infected e-mailings. Then an attempt is made to gain access to your computer promising to “solve” the supposed problems.

Newsletter - August 2016

The August 2016 Newsletter is available online. If you wish to view past issues click on Newsletters in the black menu bar on our website.

Winner of Monitor Drawing 2nd Quarter 2016

Tim Shanta's PictureCongratulations to Tim Shanta as the winner of our $50 quarterly drawing. All monitors that complete at least 6 shifts per calendar quarter are eligible for the $50 gift card drawing.

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